Using Bovine Colostrum to treat seizures in Dogs

Using Bovine Colostrum to treat seizures in Dogs

This is a bit off topic for this blog.  I do feel that this is valuable information that is needed to be shared.

This is from my own experience of dealing with seizures in my dogs.

Disclaimer: This should not be taken as a total approach for your furry babies. Please always consult your veterinarian about your dogs care.

 What I did to help them.

Years ago I had a border collie named Ringo. He started to develop seizures. Ringo was older and we really had no idea how old because he was a rescue dog.

We took him into the vet and she prescribed some anti-inflammatory drug for the seizures. Unfortunately, this drug made Ringo even sicker then he was.

So I went searching for a natural alternative and came across a company that makes chewable bovine colostrum pills.

What is Colostrum?

Bovine colostrum is a milky fluid that comes from the breasts of cows the first few days after giving birth, before true milk appears.

It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and specific kinds of proteins called antibodies that fight disease-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses.

This bovine colostrum did keep Ringo seizure free for 9 months.

Now i am going through the same process with another beloved pet. We recently put him on the Chewable bovine colostrum pills that I had ringo on.

His seizures are not as bad.  I knew what was happening this time when I saw the first signs.

It does seem that in both cases you do need to make sure that your pet is receiving at least one pill per day for this to work.

In Ringos case, since he was a bigger dog, I gave him two pills of the chewable bovine colostrum per day.

The brand of colostrum

I am not a seller or affiliated in any way for this company. I have just found that this product is a quality product. This is the one I gave to both dogs.

The company name is Synertek Colostrum, Inc out of Cheyenne WY. The website for them is

I also need to mention that our dog is going to be 14 next month. He is a small dog.

We have also given him c60. This is supposed to help with cell repair. There is a company called livepetltc that makes special formulas of c60 for animals. (again I am not affiliated with this company)

What is c60?

C60 is a powerful antioxidant

Carbon 60 is a tiny molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a sphere, and is also known as a buckyball.

Studies suggest that C60 may have the ability to cure inflammation

Using both the Bovine Colostrum and the c60 for pets can be a winning combination to help keep our older pets living healthier longer.

This is just my personal opinion and I am not a doctor or vet, So use your own discretion for what is right for your furry loved ones.

I am just writing this in the hopes that I can help ease the suffering and possibly extend the lives of our best friends that mean so much to us.

So far so good for our dog. I hope that this will help many pets along the way.

Oh I almost forgot to mention.

Do not worry that your dog will not take the colostrum.

Again from experience I have feed these pills to our other dog that doesn’t have seizures.

They seem to really like them and I have had no problems at all  with them taking it.

As a matter of fact, they come running when they hear me reach for the pill bottle.


If you would like to know how we are using this method on our Dog now. Please read my other post Natural Remedies for Dog Seizures

It gives more details and what else we are using to control our Dogs seizures.

Thank you for visiting this post and if you found it helpful Please feel free to share it.