The Secret to Redesign your Subconscious Minds Programming

The Secret to Redesign your Subconscious Minds Programming

I was living in Oregon and my sister and parents were in California.

My sister had called one night all upset because my parents had left and had not returned home.

This was way before cell phone service so there was no way to reach them to see if they were all right.


After I got off the phone I sat on my couch in the dark. I remember closing my eyes and outreaching my arms in front of me.

I then asked the question “Where are mom and dad at?” before I knew it Lake Tahoe came into my mind. Just the words no images.

It was quick and precise.


I then called my sister back and told her the message I had received. I told her they were fine and would be back in the morning and to try and get some rest.


The next day my mom called. I had told her that my sister was all upset and didn’t know where they were. She then told me “we let her know before we left that we would be staying in Lake Tahoe.


For years I tried to understand where and how I had accessed that information so easily.


I always wondered where that information had come from. It came quickly but it was very accurate and I spent many times trying to recreate getting information that specific.

I was never aware that the subconscious mind knows everything. This is where intuition lives.

It wasn’t until later that I realized that it was my subconscious mind. It is the blueprint and the key to all the answers that you would ever want to know.  


Knowing how to access the subconscious can help you figure out problems that at the moment you are not able to solve.


Engaging the subconscious mind with “what if” questions.


The subconscious mind loves questions. regardless if you know the answer to the question or not. The subconscious mind will seek out an answer once you asked the question.


“What if” questions are great to get the subconscious mind working for you. Asking yourself questions like what if I wanted to know what happiness looks like for me?


What if I was always in a good mood and things always work out for me?


What if I am happy all the time?


These questions of “what if” will give the subconscious mind a blueprint to work with and it will seek the answers until the question is fully answered.


You are not really having to do anything in order to make this work. asking yourself” what if “questions will lead you to more of what you want to manifest in your life.


Just make sure that when you ask your what if questions that the questions are based on positive things you want to happen.

Once I started working with reprogramming my subconscious mind with questions I noticed a big difference and where my mind would go on its own.


It used to be that I would have images that could be quite negative based on people that I knew.


Maybe I had gotten annoyed or upset with these individuals but never voiced being upset. So I would see in my mind pretend scenarios but they were always of me fighting or being mean to these people.


Now that I have been asking my mind various questions over and over I have noticed that is not what my mind does. These pretend interactions are no longer negative.


 This let me know that the programming is working.


Asking myself these questions was a great start. I wanted something more concrete to work with.


More recordings to help with the transformation


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Reprogramming the subconscious mind does not need to hard. That’s what I went looking for with the programs I choose.


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I hope that you found some value with the story that I have shared.


If so please feel free to share this post with whoever you think will benefit.