Set and Forget Law of Attraction

Set and Forget Law of Attraction

Have you ever had moments in your life when you felt like you “attracted” good luck?

You know what I’m talking about? You walk down the street and you feel people love you.

They smile at you, nod at you and you feel connected to those around you.

You go to work and your boss is actually agreeable and amazing to work with. If only he’d be like this each day, you’d love your job.

You meet with your friends and they’re so kind and friendly and you feel so supported.

Or maybe you even attract some amazing things in your life. You end up meeting an amazing person who becomes your significant other.

Or some large sum of money comes from nowhere and you have no idea how this happened.

Did this ever happen to you?

Chances are that it did.

It happened to all of us. We all have rare moments when everything seems to just work fine.

In those moments, the universe falls into order and you get exactly what you want.

After so many good things happened to you, you end up scratching your head and you ask yourself two questions…

“How the hell all of this happened after everything in my life was a frustrating mess for so long?”


“How can I make this happen again?”(Click here to see how)

The answer to both questions is simple. You were operating on a higher vibration level.

You were in sync with the world around you and because of this; you were attracting all that’s good and joyful.

Do you want to do this effortlessly?

You can do this on demand with the right programming.

You download it, put it on your phone and tonight, before you go to sleep, play it.

You need not do anything special.

Put your headsets on, listen and let it change it.

Then soon you’ll see how things are different in your life.

 People will be more receptive.

Opportunities you’ve never thought about show from nowhere.

How everything feels right and you know this is “your day”.

Law of attraction does not need to be hard. Tune in to the frequencies you need with ease.