Proceed with Caution: Staying Safe on The Astral Plane

Proceed with Caution: Staying Safe on The Astral Plane


A coworker of mine once asked, “You know about spirits and oddly occurrences right?”

I said, “Yes I have lived with these types of things all my life.” “ Why do you ask?

Well, she said “There have been very odd occurrences happening at my house.”

She explained that these occurrences had just started up.

That there were things moving and loud noises that she could not explain. Her dog would no longer go down into the basement.

“My dad has a spirit friend that he has had since he was a child,” she said. “I think the spirit may have followed me home.”


How the spirit and her dad met.

She said that her Dad had told her about that when he was a little boy. He would go to this other dimension and that he had made a friend there.

That was a tall dark figure that would protect him. Something from another dimension. From the astral plane.

That for years this figure would appear and spend time with him. Then she asked, “Do you think that this is what is now in my house?” I replied, “Yes, that is very possible.”


A few weeks went by and my friend and I didn’t really speak of the subject of her strange happenings. Then I stopped her and said, “Are the things still happening in your home?”

She said, “Yeah and it has gotten worse.” “Now it is actually been following me here.”

I said ‘Here at work?” Yes,” she replied.

I knew that she wasn’t just making this up. I was working the same shift as her one evening and she was working laundry. The laundry room was tucked in the back of the building.

I went to go put some clothes into one of the plastic rubber maid garbage cans.  The can shot out from the wall.

I yelled out “I have to much to do! You do whatever.” then closed the door.

When my coworker returned from her break I said to her “Hey your guy is here.” She replied, “God damn it!” Where did you see him?”

I proceeded to tell her about the trash can jetting out from the wall.

I told her that I told him that I really didn’t have the time.


Proceed with caution  

I believe that one can protect themselves from anything of this nature.

I knew no harm could come to me even though I knew the spirit was trying to startle me.

The astral plane can bring back hitchhikers

I honestly do not feel that her dad meant any harm when he was a child visiting the astral plane.

He picked up a lower form and it had stuck with him over the years.

Now since my friend was filled with unhappiness and doubt I felt it had attached itself to her.

This is one of the precautions about the astral plane. It is possible to bring back something that may not have the best intentions.

Lower beings of lower vibrations do exist. You must be careful and protect yourself.

Love, Joy, asking for protection before you journey to the astral plane is the best course of action.

Astral projection is a wondrous spiritual skill

Some can astral project very easily.  As wonderful and helpful a skill this can be in your spiritual journey it is always a good idea to respect that there are things much greater than ourselves.

The lower form that was plaguing my friend could have been told to leave.  To return back and that it wasn’t wanted or needed.

Truth is that my friends lower vibration that she was projecting was keeping it with her.

Precautions should be taken when we deal with things we can’t comprehend.

You wouldn’t go painting your house and not cover the furnishings and flooring and tape up all the areas.

Don’t treat traveling to the non-physical with any less care.

In conclusion, treat astral projection with respect. Take the same care you would if you were experimenting with anything else. Always be humble and learn as much as you can to protect yourself from any harm. Enjoy your spiritual journey.

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