Paranormal stories: The House in California Gold Rush Country

Paranormal stories: The House in California Gold Rush Country

I lived in the Sierra Nevada when I was age nine to thirteen.

These paranormal stories are based on my time there. 

My parents had bought a very unique house.

The home was built where your living room, kitchen, and bathroom and a study were upstairs. The bottom part of the house was two bedrooms and a laundry room and a bathroom.

 It had a door that led out into a carport on the downstairs floor. There was a deck that opened with a sliding glass door onto a very big deck that was amongst the pine trees. It had a very long and steep driveway that went down to the house.

This house had one of the most paranormal experiences on a daily basis than any other place that I have ever lived.

We had been there a couple of years and then my parents we’re going through a rough time in their relationship. My dad used to commute quite a bit to work. He would be away from the home most of the week.  My mother was a homemaker. There were only us two girls. My sister and I. 

When my dad was home. My mom and dad would fight verbally. It finally became too much and my dad ended up leaving the house.  My parents were going through a divorce.

Now there was a lot of emotion that was going on at that time. A lot of anger and upset.

 We started to notice that there were occurrences of things that we could not explain.

I have often noticed that emotional events can trigger paranormal experiences. The birth of a baby. The death of someone. The ending of a relationship.

We would come in through the door of the downstairs because that is where my mother would park her vehicle. We would come in through the downstairs part to go up the one flight of stairs. There was a landing and then there was another flight of stairs.

Then at the very top, you could look down and see the first flight of stairs. So we would turn off the light downstairs and when you would go to the top. The light you just turned off would be turned back on.

 My grandmother had come to visit. We had told her that this had been happening.

Her reply was “Really?” “So you are telling me that by the time that you get to the top of the stairs the light downstairs is back on?”

 “Yes!” we told her. “ It happens almost every time.”

There was no light switch at the top of the stairs and the light switch was just a normal light switch. 

Grandma was with us and we turned the light off at the bottom of the stairs and showed her “Okay watch!”

 We all went to the top of the stairs and of course, we told her now look down. She was startled to see that sure enough, the light was back on.

We then debated on who should go back downstairs and turn the lights off.

 My mother decided that she would be the one to turn the light back off. This time it did stay off. 

It struck me odd that the light turned back on after telling my Grandma the story.

 Almost as if whoever was causing the light to go on had been listening to us.

Whoever it was just wanted to be known

At night you could hear footsteps in the hallway. You could hear someone walking up and down the stairs, you could hear the creeks of the floor.

Many times in the downstairs bathroom you would hear water running. You would go in to find that the water in the sink had been turned on.

 My mother had a Jesus picture in her bedroom which was on the downstairs floor. Often she would walk into her room at night and find the Jesus picture on the floor. It would be behind the dresser draws. Sitting behind the dresser like someone had placed it there. The picture had glass. The glass never did break. 

It seemed as though that there was not a day that went by where we did not have some form of occurrence. It became so commonplace that I really thought nothing of it after a while.

The canceled sleepover

My friend and her mom had stopped by to drop her off for a sleepover, We were upstairs over in the living room. My friend and I had planned earlier in the week for a sleepover at my house.

 I was a bit nervous about having her over with all the stuff that had been happening. So as we were in the living room I started to try and tell her about some of the strange occurrences that had gone on.

  All of a sudden we heard what sounded like heavy breathing. Three pictures hung on the wall. All lined after another. The picture in the middle fell so it was only on one nail and it was left just swinging there. My friend was startled and scared. 

 Our mothers were talking in another room and she ran in and she said to her mom” I’m not feeling well. I want to go home!” Her mom was puzzled and said,” What do you mean?”

“You’ve been begging and pleading that you wanted to do this sleepover, Now you don’t feel well?”

My friend then refused to ever come to my house again.

My honest opinion is that nothing that was in the house ever hurt us. I think it just wanted it to be known that it was there. 

New housing but still haunted

Now what is so intriguing is that the house had been a new-build. My parents were the first to own it. This was one that the Builder just decided he wanted to make.

My mother used to tell a made-up story about how maybe the reason that the house came into existence was that the Builder was trying to hide something.

She always would make the story about maybe he had actually murdered someone. The reason there was such thick concrete underneath the stairs was because he had actually put the bodies there.

Honestly, when we moved out of the house I was quite relieved. Dealing with daily occurrences finally did wear on me.

I guess we will never know why there were so many things that happened there. We can only speculate. We thought maybe it was the area itself.

It was in the Gold Rush area that had a lot of history. We had heard of other occurrences happening in that general area. Our neighbors had mentioned how they had lights that would come on. One of my friends had been spooked because he had seen a soldier in his room when he awoke one night.

 Both houses were our closest neighbors and both houses were also newer construction as well.

I often wondered if the people who have lived there since have had any of the same occurrences.

Hopefully, a family with happier circumstances made this place their home.

 As for the spirits that haunted this space, I hope they found peace.