The Emotions you are Feeling may not be your Own

The Emotions you are Feeling may not be your Own

Ever get a strange feeling all of a sudden? You were perfectly happy one moment then the next moment you are overcome with overwhelming sadness?

Chances are, these feelings are not your own .

The feeling literally comes out of nowhere

Your be-bopping along. Everything is going your way. Then all of a sudden you have overwhelming sadness or anxiety. Or you feel like you could just burst into tears.

It makes you feel very uneasy to have these feelings. You feel puzzled  and ask “Why am I experiencing this?”

If you can’t identify any reason that the feelings may be yours, chances are you are tapping into someone else’s mood.

What were you thinking before or during when you started to feel these feelings?

Was there someone that keeps popping into your head?  Are there thoughts of memories or situations?

Or would it be someone that works or lives around you? Picking up on other peoples energy happens more often then we know. We do it all the time but are never aware.

You can let this energy go.

So now that you know this feeling is probably not your own you can ask that it leave you alone. Just say in your mind or out loud “ This isn’t my feelings and I no longer want them.”

Usually, if these feelings are not yours, once you declare that you do not want the feelings, the mood will instantly disappear.

Sometimes you will be able to find the source of the feelings but sometimes you wi never know whose they were.

We are more linked with some people than others and sometimes it is very apparent whose feelings they could be. Just send a prayer or ask for help for this person and send them love and peace.

We are all interconnected

Absorbing other energy can be very draining and can even ruin a really good day. Whatever your beleft system, you can always ask for protection.
We are energetic beings. We cant help but connect to one another but we do not need to be burdened with the woes of the world. Give it back, and let go. The universe will take care of the rest.