Law of Attraction: Dealing with negative loved ones

Law of Attraction: Dealing with negative loved ones

Have you noticed that since you started on your Law of Attraction process.

People in your life are starting to act negatively?

Working on yourself and making yourself better will scare people in your life.

That fact alone will make it seem like a very lonely road.

This is a good indicator that manifestation is coming your way.

Some of the people who are not on the same wavelength as you will start acting up.

This may seem like a bad thing but the truth is it’s actually a good indicator of things to come.

Most of the time the individuals that start fighting you the most on your choices are afraid that they are going to lose you.

Choosing differently can be upsetting to some

It’s similar to when someone stops drinking. You’re drinking buddies don’t like that they don’t have that connection with you anymore.

When you are studying law of attraction and the process of manifestation starts to happen.

Certain people in your life will become afraid of seeing how powerful and vibrant you are.

Mainly because this shows them their shortcomings and it makes them feel inadequate.

Especially if your transformation is happening at a very fast pace. The person who is giving you trouble.

 Who is a loved one. Will often feel like they are being left behind.

The bright side of this scenario for you is that you know that you’re transformation is coming true.

No matter what the other person says or how much doubt they try to throw at you.

You know that all things wonderful are coming to you.

They know this as well.  Otherwise, they would not be acting up.

This is just part of the growing process and is meant to happen.


Not all people that are friends and family will be transitioning with you into your new reality.

This is a hard look at things but I think it does need to be examined.

Most people will take this as that the law of attraction is not working for them.

How could things be so miserable? Why are people acting up and being so bitter towards me?

Although this will look like a huge obstacle. It’s actually a big indicator that progress is coming.

Not everyone is going to agree with your choices. Not everyone is going to want to see you move forward with your plans.

There will be times where people are going to ask you how you know that these things are going to happen?

To them, your choices are not realistic in thinking.

A great sign that manifestation is occurring

You know that it’s all on its way. You probably will not be able to convince this individual that it is real.

They will not be able to see what you see. That is okay.

 They don’t have to see what you see for it to manifest and be real.

Even the ones that claim that they are good with it.

There is still a part of them that is scared and they don’t know how to deal with the thought of you no longer being the same.


Here are some things that you can do when this does occur.

  1. Try to remember that this is only temporary. It may be jarring to the people around you to see you achieve a new level of success Understand that that’s perfectly normal and okay. Doesn’t mean to stop the direction you are headed. Don’t sabotage yourself for the sake of making someone else comfortable.

2. Continue your journey and study your material as much as possible. Read the books. Watch the videos and keep up with the habits that have helped you this far.

Keep up with your positive flow and it will give you the strength you need.

3. Don’t dwell on what has been said. There is only the now. All of your dreams are already real in this moment. Just because you are not experiencing them at the present moment does not mean they do not exist.

Remember to forgive others and also forgive yourself. If the words that were spoken resulted in an argument don’t be hard on yourself. Just embrace this as a lesson to learn from and move on.

4. In time, a lot of the people that are fighting you on your choices now will be praising you later.

Keep on your current track and even be thankful for the friction. Without it, you may have given up but with it, it helps you to push harder.

Most friends and family really do want the best for us. Sometimes they just need to watch as the magic happens in your life. Keep believing and it will come.


“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” .”

― George Bernard Shaw