How to Easily Earn Some Free Cryptocurrency

How to Easily Earn Some Free Cryptocurrency

Have you been curious about getting into cryptocurrency but want an easy way to start investing without the risk of putting any money in?


If you have been looking to get involved and see how the cryptocurrency markets work. Or you would like to do a small investment.


Earn cryptocurrency with Coinbase may be what you are looking for.


I decided to try this myself to see how this all works. I went and requested to start with the BAT token.


After a few days, I received an invite that I could start to earn $10 of Basic Attention Token also known as BAT.


There are videos that explain what the coin or token is used for. Once you complete a video you have to answer a one question exam. then receive $1 worth of Basic Attention Token right into your BAT wallet on Coinbase.


These very informative videos teach you what the coin or token are used for. What problem they aim to solve in our current financial or internet system.


I was very impressed with how easy it was to earn.  Once I completed the Basic Attention Token section I then noticed that Stellar Lumens (another crypto) was now unlocked for me to start earning.


Once again I would watch a 2-minute video and complete the one answer question and I received my Stellar Lumens in my XLM wallet on Coinbase.


Learn and Earn


This makes it easy to get your feet wet in Cryptocurrency and learn about the functions of these amazing cryptocurrencies that Coinbase has to offer.


If you would like your chance to earn some free cryptocurrency click on the banner below to get started.

This is really a fun and easy way to get free cryptocurrency and learn some exciting things about this new emerging market.

Earn Free Crypto