How to awaken your intuition

How to awaken your intuition

When I was around nine years old we lived at least 2 hours away from where my dad worked. He would come home quite late at night and my bedtime was always around 9.

My mom was very strict about when I did have to go to bed so I could never wait up for my dad to see him.

 Facing the living room window. I remember looking out and putting my hand outreached. Palm facing the window

 I would then ask if my dad was safe and on his way home. This is the first real effort I used to develop my intuition that I can remember.

After I would ask if he was okay. I would then get a feeling that everything was going to be fine. I would then head off to bed.

I realized that I started doing this as a coping mechanism. Since I always worried about his commute home. This was the start of awakening my intuition.

Ask and you shall receive

When you start off with awakening your intuition you’re going to wonder whether you are just imagining things or whether what you’re being told, feeling, sensing is really true.

One of the very basic things that you need to be able to do is to ask.

Ask the question which you want the answer to. Or ask for help to get you through a tough time.

This seems like a very simple task but when it comes to asking for help or asking for the true answers you need to remember. True intuition answers honestly.

The universe will answer you but it will do it in a very truthful way. 

Fear is never to be trusted

Whenever you feel fearful and you are worried this is not a good time to believe any of the internal movies that may be playing in your mind.

Fear is a liar. It will cloud true intuition very quickly. I know that some individuals do feel that fear is a good indicator of their intuition but I would disagree.

The truest forms of clear communication that I have had with my intuition has always been from a level of peace and calmness.

Whenever I have been fearful or anxious the signals do get crossed and are not always telling me the true information.

A simple exercise to get you started.

Find yourself a quiet and comfortable place to sit.

Close your eyes and try to empty your mind and just sit.

Now in your mind or out load whatever you prefer, ask a question that you wish to know the answer to.

Observe any thoughts, image’s or feelings that come to mind.

Look over the things that are being shown. Do you have certain feelings that keep cropping up?

Is there a certain theme? 

Do you see certain images that keep replaying themselves? Is there a certain song that keeps running through your mind?

Take into consideration any of the things that are possibly going through your mind as you sit silently with your eyes closed.

 Now after you feel like you have gathered enough information open your eyes and start to examine the many different image’s feelings and anything else that you can remember about just sitting in silence.

This simple practice will open up your intuition antenna

Once you start working with opening your intuition you will find that more flashes of insight will become commonplace for you.

Some of the most true and pure forms of intuition that I have found are within seconds of them being told to me.

Most of the time it’s when I’m doing very regular tasks throughout the day but I will get flashes of things to come. As bits of information told to me ahead of time.

The more that you work with your internal knowledge the more that it will reveal to you what is on its way.

You will start to know things ahead of time

Once you get used to believing your intuition you will get to know information ahead of time.

This is just a residual effect of awakening your intuition. This is happening to us all the time.

 We just have to recognize the answers that we seek are always within reach.

You will be astonished at how clear and how much you will be able to know before it happens.

Keep practicing. As time goes on you will become a master of your own intuition.