Communicate with Deceased Loved Ones in our Dreams

Communicate with Deceased Loved Ones in our Dreams

Mom met Grandpa in a beautiful garden

Dreaming of our departed loved ones is a form of communication with them on another realm.

My Mom once shared a story with me about how she had a dream about her father who had passed away years before.

In the dream that she described she meat her dad in a beautiful rose garden that stretched for miles.

She said that in the dream she ran into her dad tending the many roses. She asked him if that was his job.

He replied that “Yes he was the curator of the grounds and asked if she liked the place.” she replied, “The place is very lovely and that she would like to see more.”

He then said to her that he would show her more at a later time but he was off to go meet with Micheal.

Then the dream ended. Several days later my great aunt had stopped by. We were living with my Grandmother at the time.

As we sat in the living room my mom began to share the dream that she had about her father. My Mom gave my grandmother and aunt the details.

My Great Aunt then looked stunned and said “ Come to think of it I had a dream about your father as well.:” What night was this?” she asked. My mom then told her “This was last Saturday.”

“Did he happen to have white overalls on and a white cap?” my Great Aunt asked. My mom looked shocked. “Yes, yes he did!” “How did you know that?”

My Great Aunt then replied, “I had a dream of him as well and he was in a garden sitting on a bench.”

He had also told my Great Aunt that he had to leave and go talk to Micheal. Both women were in agreement that they believed that Micheal was probably Archangel Micheal.

Meeting my dad on the bridge

When I was 23 my dad died of a massive heart attack. I had been forwarned by my intuition that this would happen (but that is a story for another time).

Four months after his death I had a dream of him being on this walking bridge. It was surrounded by trees and there was a river that ran underneath. People were talking and enjoying the day.

It was a sunny and beautiful day. I walked around through the crowd. Standing there looking over the side was my dad.

I stopped and he said to me “Its about time that you got here.” I don’t remember more about what we talked about. I was relieved. He looked happy and well.

Our loved ones are always with us

Even if you haven’t yet had any vivid dreams that you can remember just ask that you can remember or see your loved one in your dreams.

If you have already had the pleasure of having this communication with your loved ones.

Try to keep a dream journal so you can remember. Dreams are another dimension and it is just easier for souls to come through and visit us.

The connection is always there for the ones we love. Love is eternal and our dreams are the gateway.