Are you an Emotional Empath?

Are you an Emotional Empath?

Lately, I have heard a lot of complaints from people around me. Many of them are experiencing emotions that strike them from out of the blue. One minute you are just fine then next you are sobbing uncontrollably for no reason at all.

You start to feel very overwhelmed with your usual everyday tasks. Nothing feels like it should and you just can’t figure it out. The truth is that you may be an Empath and not even know you are. Most people can sense the emotions from around them.

We are all picking up on frequencies all the time and may not even know it. If you have experienced feelings out of nowhere and overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety you are not crazy. also, you are not alone for feeling this way.

You are probably an emotional Empath. You are an antenna for all the feelings from people to close to you to someone you have recently have come in contact with.

You may even be able to tap into the overall feelings of the human collective and the theme that it may carry at that moment.

We are all interconnected on an energetic level

The wonderful news is that you are not at the mercy of some of these very overwhelming feelings.

You can take control.

First, you need to ask yourself if the feelings are really your own.

If not then tell them that this is not my own and I do not want them. Usually identifying that these are not your feelings and asking that they just go away will do the trick.

Learn how to protect and shield yourself from absorbing other emotions.

Always ask your higher power for help when you feel like the emotions are just wreaking havoc on your daily life.

Being an emotional sponge means more physical ailments

Do you get unexplained aches and pains that are hard to recover from? Do you get headaches that also show up when you get these waves or outbursts? Many emotional empaths are prone to autoimmune disease and other mysterious ailments that baffle doctors.

The tests and diagnostics say that you should be fine but your physical symptoms stick with you. My personal feeling is that emotional empaths are using their nervous systems more than people who may not pick up on other people’s emotions. There is a heightened amplification in an emotional empath’s nervous system.

This is why I feel that many are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases.

We are Energetic beings

If you have studied any law of attraction principles you already know that like energy attracts like energy.

When we least expect it we can be tuning in to emotional frequencies throughout our day. Pay attention to where your mind wanders to. Are you thinking of the last thing that someone said that hurt your feelings?

Are you worried and stressed about events that have happened or those that haven’t even taken place yet?

Are you having imaginary fights with someone in your head?

Be very mindful of your thought patterns. The better you are at analyzing your own thoughts the easier it will be to not be a sponge for the emotions of others.

Do you have a psychic link with someone and you are picking up their emotions?

Many times when we have a love interest or have close family members whose emotions we get caught up in. We are able to pick up on how they are feeling.

Sometimes this is very useful and we can lend comfort or support when a loved one is feeling down.

Other times this can be too much for us to experience. When we start to pick up on to much of what others feel this can lead to depression and anxiety.

Also, be very careful of people who try to overload you with their emotional state. We all come across these emotional vampires in our lives. There is no need to feel guilty or upset about not taking on the world’s troubles.

It is actually not healthy for you to do so. So allow yourself the ability to just let go and let things be. You do not need to save the world.

Being an emotional empath can be challenging. It is also super rewarding when you can learn how to use your senses and gift wisely.

We are all here in human form to experience the emotional spectrum. Just make sure to be kind to yourself and not let it diminish your light from the world.