Appearances from Beyond the Grave

Appearances from Beyond the Grave

My mom was always able to see spirits. I never wanted that ability. So I made the spirits a deal.

I would tell them “You can hang around all you want. Just don’t show yourself to me.”

To let me know that they got my message. Here is what happened.


The teenage girl on Unsolved Mysteries.

At fourteen I would tune in weekly to Unsolved Mysteries.

There was a story about a teenage girl that had been abducted and murdered.

Watching her father cry and describing the horror of having his child abducted really got to me.

I felt his extreme sadness. Wanting to help ease his pain. I made note that I would pray for him.

Later I went to bed. Shutting my door to my room. The prayer I promised to say for a grieving father, I forgot all about.

Next morning I came out to the dining room table. My mom was sitting in her usual spot.

Calmly she asked me “Who was the girl that was standing outside your bedroom door last night?”

Stunned I said “What girl?” Mom replied “There was a girl standing outside your door. She just looked at me but she didn’t move.”

I replied “Oh yeah, I was going to pray for this girl who had been murdered. I was meaning to pray for her dad. That must have been her.”

The next evening I made sure to say the prayer for the girl’s dad. When I asked my mom if the girl was there again she said no.

The lady in Moosejaw

The next incident I had would be years later. While on a forum. Someone was describing a murder that had just happened a week earlier.

There was a Mother that was murdered by her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend.

This time I sat and said my prayer right away for the family.

Later that evening my husband came home.  It was already dark outside. He went out onto the back porch to smoke his cigarette.

We were getting ready for bed and he says to me” What would you say if I told you that for a split second there was a lady standing in the porch?” and then she just  disappeared.”

This coming from a man who really didn’t believe in spirits.

I asked him if he had gotten a good look at her. He then described her to me.

He said that she looked between 40 to 50. She had dark brown hair. He also mentioned that she looked Native American.

I wondered to myself if it was the lady that I prayed for earlier?

The sighting was confirmed

Returning back on the forum to see if this description matched the victim I asked if anyone knew what the lady from Moosejaw looked like.

I sent a private message to the individual that reported the story. She did confirm that the woman was mid 40’s and indeed Native American.

Spirit was letting me know that they knew about the prayers. Which was a very comforting experience.

The importance of sending a prayer just felt like the right thing to do.

In conclusion.

Although the individuals were taken under violent circumstances. It was apparent that they wanted to make clear that they are at peace.

If you or someone you know has suffered due to the loss of a friend or loved one by violence, know that they remain with us always.

Spirit gave me the gift of this great tale to share with others. To let us know that they hear our prayers.

Even in horrible circumstances, there can be light.

Never lose sight that our loved ones are still with us.

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