A Gift of Love. Rose Quartz From Beyond

A Gift of Love. Rose Quartz From Beyond

In times of grief, hearing a story of one’s connections to the other side is not only comforting but can also help with the healing process.

Messages from our departed loved ones are not too hard to find. We just need to pay attention.

A gift in the yard

It was a beautiful day in September. My 5-year-old grandson and I were out in the yard. He was digging a rock that was sticking up halfway out of the ground.

After pulling it all the way out. He brought it to me and said: “Here you are Grandma.” “You will need this today”

I noticed that it was Rose quartz. The previous owner was a rock hound. How funny that this rock was never found all the years we had been living here.

The significance of that rose quartz would be revealed to me in just an hour of receiving it.

The phone rang

My uncle called. He wanted to let me know that my mother had passed away today. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis many years before. She had spent her final years in the nursing home.

Relieved that her suffering was over but saddened that she was gone.

All of a sudden a sense of peace washed over me.

The Rose quartz was a sign from my mom. After I got off the phone with my uncle I looked up the meaning of rose quartz.

It is the stone of unconditional love and peace.

It is also used to comfort you during a time of grief.

Look for signs, they are all around

You do not have to look too hard for signs from your departed loved ones. A feather, a certain song, a whiff of a certain smell. Look closely and you will see that the communication is still there.

You may hear that person who has departed laugh or say something in your head. It is not just your imagination.

Dreams are also a gateway to your loved ones on the other side. Keep a journal next to your bed.

When you wake up write down anything you can remember.

Trust the grieving process. In time you will see that there are many signs and signals being given to you on a daily basis.

In conclusion

We are not this shell but spiritual beings on a journey. We agreed to come into this existence and help our loved ones in their worldly experience.

Love is eternal. The love you had with your loved one, you will always have. No one can take that away. Those that have shed their form would want us to be at peace. It is ok to mourn but it is also ok to move on.

Pass this story on to anyone you feel that it will help.