5 techniques that make You an Exceptional Manifestation Magnet

5 techniques that make You an Exceptional Manifestation Magnet

Becoming a manifest magnet can be accomplished when you apply these 5 techniques.

This is a technique that recently I learned from a YouTuber. (See her video here) I really liked this technique because it makes a lot of sense. Many times it is hard for me to visualize things as if they have already happened.

A lot of gurus will tell you this. To visualize that you already have it. Like it is explained in the video your brain is really smart.

I know that it would be really hard to convince myself to feel something has already happened when it hasn’t.

However with the words “Remember when” this now is worded to make it easy for the brain to think that we are calling on memory. Which makes it easy to believe that it has occurred.

Brilliant! I love this idea for its simplicity and for how well it transforms our thinking.

Use a glass of water to consume the higher vibrations

There are many manifestation methods that you can do with water. Many times it is easier to believe and visualize if you use water as your visualization tool or prop.

One very powerful way of doing this is to pour yourself a glass of water and before consuming it infuses it with anything you want to attract in your life.

So let’s say that you want a better vibration to attract better friends in your life. Talk to your glass of water and infuse it with the energy that you want. Really doesn’t matter what you say just as long as you infuse it with positive sayings.

Then drink your water. You have now just consumed the very vibration that you want to attract.

Making it easier to have the things you want to rush towards you.

Not only will you stay hydrated but you will infuse yourself with the vibration of your choosing.

Give to charities and worthy causes

Want more money to flow easily to you? Give to things that inspire you to make the world a better place.

By giving money away freely to things that make you feel happy to help. Know that money flowing out will mean more money flowing in.

Money is just the physical representation of a energy flow state. Ever notice that those that keep the money so tightly and worry about this flow state seem to attract less money?

Having a scarcity mentally only does one thing. Makes money scarce.

So pick a worthy cause that stirs your emotions. Anything that would make you proud or you have a strong connection to.

Maybe you know what it’s like not to have food. So you can give to a food bank.

Feel the satisfaction in your giving.

Make a sentimental item into a good ole lucky charm

You have a favorite necklace, bracelet, stone, crystal, anything that has value to you in a sentimental way.

This then becomes your lucky charm. It’s about believing in the object to bring you luck. Once again making something very simple into a reminder that you are already a manifesting magnet.

Remember the lucky rabbit’s foot? Maybe you still have one tucked away somewhere. There is power in the belief that these items do have power.

Focusing on objects have been used since humans have been around. There is a reason that thru the ages this was done. Because it just works.

Feeling disconnected? Its time to get grounded.

So you have noticed that your feelings are all out of whack.  You need to sync up with the right frequency.

That’s very hard to do when you are not feeling your best. Here is where Mother Earth can help you.

Go step on some ground outside with your bare feet for at least twenty minutes.

Any length of time will do. Nature is always a way to recharge and get you in the right vibration to make you a better manifestation magnet.

It’s also great for health reasons as well and it’s free.

Try all 5 techniques or just a few of these suggestions can help you to get well on your way to being a manifestation magnet.

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