Wyoming the Crypto friendly state

Wyoming the Crypto friendly state

Today I was reading an article about “Wyoming passes Bill to recognize cryptocurrencies as money.” reported by Cointelegraph.  Wyoming is the most future-forward when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Someone is using their head. Early adopters that make it more accessible for cryptocurrencies to flourish will be poised to attract Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

States that are the most crypto friendly will flourish in this new industry. Making way for their state to become a powerhouse in the financial sector. This makes Wyoming the first state to classify cryptocurrencies as legal property. Attracting more companies to set up shop in their state.

Other states would be smart to follow in Wyoming’s footsteps. lt is only a matter of time for the cryptocurrency industry to be worth trillions. Wyoming is also making sure that its citizens are educated about the power of blockchain Technology. There is the Wyoming blockchain coalition whose mission is to educate citizens about the power of blockchain and how this will benefit the state of Wyoming.

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