Very proud Mom has daughters who are crypto investors

Very proud Mom has daughters who are crypto investors

I have two daughters and a son. All of them in their twenties. One of the things I have shared with them is investing in Crypto.

Both my daughters have done well with investing. My son has been the hardest to convince. With time, I feel he will see investing in Crypto significant for his financial future. I have shared and taught them what I know. When I learn something new, I pass it on to them.

I am such a big believer in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, in general, I tell them about it often. I was listening in on a conversation two friends were having about what they fear can happen in the world. What the future of civilization and its changes will be.

It was interesting to me that with each problem they talked about. In my mind, I saw a possible solution. I feel the same way with Cryptocurrencies. Although we are just in the idea stage of most of the Crypto projects. I see many people trying to solve some genuine and current problems.

This is why I felt it is essential to let my children know about Cryptos. They need to be aware of the many problems that Cryptos and Blockchain can solve.

I want them to have the advantage. I feel this will give my children a big help in the years to come. To be familiar with this new asset class.

On a visit from my oldest daughter and Grandson. She had by mistake, overdrawn on her bank account. Now the good news is that she wasn’t worried about not having any money. Since she had invested in Crypto, she knew she had a resource she could liquidate quickly. So we were able to go in, and she was able to liquidate some assets.  She was able to make up for the funds she did not have. 

Since my daughter knows that Cryptocurrencies are always open and are 24/7. She knew that there was no need for panic. It was one of the shining moments of Crypto.  Solving her problem of lack of funds to finish out her trip.  Although you want to keep your Cryptocurrency for as long as you can.  Having it to liquidated at any time. Can always be helpful as well.

With Cryptocurrency there are no bankers hours. This is what attracted me to this asset in the first place. When I first started learning about Crypto in 2016. One of the things that drew me the most was how fast and secure transactions could be. Let’s say that you ended up receiving your check (an actual paper check) on a Friday, and you don’t get home until after your bank is closed.

Yes, there are convenient options like direct deposit, but not everybody has that option. With Cryptos this is solved. You wouldn’t have to wait for the weekend to get your money. Just like my daughter found out when she had her bank account overdrawn. She knew that she could acquire money quickly and easily, and without a fuss.

I remember listening to a YouTuber talk about what attracted him to Bitcoin. One of the things that he mentioned was how transactions would no longer take days. In some cases, the transactions could take 3 to 5 days to process. That’s a long wait for someone who needs their money. That was just one of the reasons that made me excited about Cryptocurrencies.

Thankfully my children have listened and have done well. I’m very proud of them, and I know that this new asset class will serve them well in the future. It’s one of the most exciting times and a shift in our financial system is coming. My advice to all that are reading is to learn as much as you can about this new asset class and how it will help you as well.

To get started with learning about cryptocurrencies I would suggest Udemy. They have some excellent teachers on the subject.

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Interested in getting started in cryptocurrencies? Let’s start you off with a Coinbase account. Coinbase is one of my favorite places to start. I feel that the ease of use is its strength. At the time of this writing, there are eight different coins to choose from on Coinbase. For 2019 it is rumored that they will be adding a lot more. Giving you plenty of choices to get started.