Your 7 days to talk to the Universe Challenge

Your 7 days to talk to the Universe Challenge

Just for fun lets take seven days to talk to the universe. Challenge yourself to set up a time every morning to declare to the universe how you want your script of life to go.

Recently I implemented this strategy myself and found it to work like a charm.

First, make sure that if you are used to complaining either out loud or in your head Don’t do that anymore. Replace your complaints with the events that you want instead.

Even if these events or reactions from others seem unlikely. Say to the Universe exactly how you want to feel and what you want from your situation.

As an example, I wanted for someone I care for that is normally not a person to admit that they are sorry to give me a heartfelt apology for something they had said.

So I proceeded to tell the Universe exactly what I wanted to hear from this individual. I then left that alone. The next day, to my surprise, that individual gave me the heartfelt apology almost to the tee of how I had described.

Now had I been complaining about the situation. It would have had a disappointing ending.

We control the script of our life

Knowing that words have power makes it very easy for us to provide ourselves with a incredible life. We are just never taught that this is how it really works.

So many of us watched our parents complain about their troubles all the time. So we learned that you complain. It’s just the normal thing to do.

No one taught them that this is a really destructive way to conduct your life.

If you are anything like me, this was passed on to you as a child. Not intentionally but because most people do not know any better.

The great news is you have the power to change the cycle.

In another post on this blog, I talk about writing things into existence. Another great habit to get what you want from the Universe.

I also made a free 5 page printable to use with this exercise.

If you would like to read that post go here —  Get what you want by writing it into Existence

Let’s start the process of the 7-day challenge.

What is it that you would like to see change in your life?

Do you want a better job?

Are you looking for a person to share your life with?

Would you like to see yourself owning your own business?

Looking for more luck in your life come out of nowhere?

Here is the fun part. Make your words as powerful and exciting as possible.

Even if you think that it sounds absolutely unrealistic.

The Universe doesn’t care. It really doesn’t discern from a bad thing to a good one.

It just hears you say whatever and tries to deliver what it hears.

Get excited about what you are declaring.

What excites you? Start talking about that.

As you talk and chat with the Universe feel the excitement grow.

If you are stuck and can’t think of anything, to begin with.

Try thinking of things that made you feel like you did when there was something exciting going on.

The more you envelope yourself in this feeling the greater than other things that match will come rushing your way.

The next 7 days are your experiment to guide the Universe.

Lets all on a collective level start manifesting really great things for ourselves.

No one needs more despair. There is plenty of that for every human on Earth.

As a conscious collective not only does this help us as an individual but it helps all of us as a whole.

Remember to have fun with this. The more fun you have the more it will all start coming together.

You are here to enjoy the journey. Now go and create the life of your dreams!