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5 techniques that make You an Exceptional Manifestation Magnet

Becoming a manifest magnet can be accomplished when you apply these 5 techniques. This is a technique that recently I learned from a YouTuber. (See her video here) I really liked this technique because it makes a lot of sense. Many times it is hard for me to visualize things as if they have already…
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Your 7 days to talk to the Universe Challenge

Just for fun lets take seven days to talk to the universe. Challenge yourself to set up a time every morning to declare to the universe how you want your script of life to go. Recently I implemented this strategy myself and found it to work like a charm. First, make sure that if you…
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Law of Attraction: Dealing with negative loved ones

Have you noticed that since you started on your Law of Attraction process. People in your life are starting to act negatively? Working on yourself and making yourself better will scare people in your life. That fact alone will make it seem like a very lonely road. This is a good indicator that manifestation is…
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