Natural Remedies for Dog Seizures

Natural Remedies for Dog Seizures

Watching your dog suffer seizures is one of the most horrific sites that you will ever witness.
I remember watching my border collie Ringo go through his first seizure.
It was devastating.

We took him into the Vet and she had suggested that since he was an older dog with
no history of epilepsy that he had probably had a possible brain tumor. There was not a test in the state to test him for it. She mentioned that it was very common for older dogs to have seizures.

Our vet had recommended that Ringo be put on an anti-inflammatory that was prescription.
The only problem with the anti-inflammatory was that it came with many side effects.

So I decided to start researching natural remedies for dog seizures on my own.
I had used bovine colostrum for my own inflammation and allergies that I had been suffering from.

It had worked very well to alleviate my suffering from my allergies. I also knew that bovine colostrum
can be given to dogs.

So I went ahead and I started Ringo on a bovine colostrum regiment of 2 pills per day.
We did this for a good 9 months and he was seizure-free during these nine months.

Sadly Ringo finally did pass away.
I was unable to at the time keep up with the colostrum due to financial reasons and his seizures
did return. 

Now we are treating our dog beer dog with the same bovine colostrum.

  Beer dog started having seizures back in May of 2019.
The first one that he had was when he was running to the door.
He was going to bark at a visitor. He suddenly fell over and had his first seizure.
Two weeks later he had another.
Beer dog is a Chihuahua Pekingese mix and at the time he was 13 years old.

So remembering that Ringo had been seizure-free for the nine months.
I decided to put beer dog on the same pills. I was only giving him one pill a day being that he is a smaller dog. At first, things went well for at least a month’s time and then he had another seizure.

So I decided to up the amount to the two pills a day.

It is now October and I am very thankful to say that beer dog has been seizure-free during his time taking
the bovine colostrum.
Also as a natural remedy for dog seizures as an added precaution, I decided to put
him on a teaspoon of C60.

I only do this once a month. it has been found that C60 also works to combat inflammation.

Also, I decided to start him on grounding. Grounding is just taking him outside and allowing him to be in
connection with the ground (preferably soil) for at least twenty to forty minutes every day.

Studies have shown that with grounding you can alleviate inflammation in the body.
Winter is starting to set in and it will not be as easy to go outside and do the grounding.
We will be investing in a grounding mat to provide him with his grounding for the winter.

Currently, beer dog turned 14 and although I know that one day he will pass on, we are trying to keep him with as much quality of life as we possibly can.

He is still up and running around. No trouble with mobility. We have two dogs and our Corgi
is four years younger then beer dog. Our neighbor thought that beerdog is actually younger then Peanut.

I had written my other post on this blog entitled Using bovine colostrum to treat seizures in dogs.
There I talked about treating Ringo and what happened and what we used at that time.

So far using these natural remedies for dog seizures has been quite effective.
I’m writing this in hopes that it will help other pet owners to find a natural remedy for their dog’s seizures. 

Thank you for reading this post and if you know anyone that would benefit please share!