Incredible Empath Tip: You Can Radiate the Calm

Incredible Empath Tip: You Can Radiate the Calm

You Can bring in the calm

Many years ago I used to work at a local 24-bed hospital. It had two levels. An upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs is where the Emergency room was located.

You would have to take turns working on both floors. Needless to say, having to work upstairs was not my favorite.

I use to do an exercise before I would go to work. I would call it” Bringing in the calm.” When taking my shower before my shift and I would envision having nothing but a calm shift.

No emergency visits. Nothing. It would make for a boring eight hours, but to me, that was just fine.

The ward clerk would say halfway through the shift “Wow this is much different then what we experienced yesterday!”

I would always get confirmation somewhere in the day that the calm was definitely present.

Believe you can bring in the calm

Try this today with your work, school or even at home. Make it a practice to set up your day for a calm one. Just say I would like a calm vibration that lasts throughout my day.

With the ability to pick up on all the chatter around you, You can also switch the dial so that you can radiate calm energy.

It does work both ways. You are not just at the mercy of the outside vibrations. The more you practice that your vibration is calming the better it will become.

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Trust in the process and all will be revealed.

Have an Amazing day!