Future Cryptocurrency infrastructure is being created at an alarming rate

Future Cryptocurrency infrastructure is being created at an alarming rate

The infrastructure of cryptocurrencies is being built at an astonishing rate. During this current bear market, there are signs of massive growth behind the scenes.

From Mobile apps to Bitcoin ATM’s. Exchanges making it more accessible to pay for Bitcoin via Credit card. From Blockstream Satellite to Stable coins.

Everywhere you look there is brand new Software and tools being created to expand cryptocurrency to the masses.

Watching this unfold now makes me more bullish than ever. In 2017 we saw lots of excitement around crypto. Many were new investors who were just learning about cryptocurrency.

 In November of 2017, many new investors sat down with their loved ones for Thanksgiving and talked of their optimism and hope with cryptocurrencies.

This sparked a new enthusiasm for many people based on what their friends and loved ones had shared.

Currently, The bear Market has made a lot of people very pessimistic about cryptocurrencies. In the media, there is always a “is Bitcoin Dead?”.

Or the  “When will Bitcoin go to zero?” headline. Those that are really paying attention know that this is not the case.

If Bitcoin were dying, you would not see the momentum and the hard work of so many individuals.

It would be safe to say that the infrastructure that is being created now will give way to bigger and better ideas in the future.

So all this talk about cryptos being no more is just silly. Let’s look at the facts. The number of things being built on the investment level, exchange level, ATMs, satellites, blockchains.

If something was about to die, why on Earth would there be so much movement with what is being created? so The Narrative of cryptos not having value or not being part of the future is false.

As we watch this unfold it may take a year or so but we are definitely on our way to something great.

It will be a huge shift in how our financial system Operates. This is the transfer of wealth being created right before our eyes.

Those that are smart and can see the trends well know that this is the best time to acquire some crypto for themselves.

I am deeply excited about the future of the crypto Financial system. This will take years to build and to expand upon.

We are just in the beginning stages. Once this takes shape we will witness wealth transfer at a global scale.

Get ready. The future is coming.

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