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Are you Dealing with a Drama Queen?

She is always needing attention. Has trouble being alone. Everything is always a crisis. Whether it really is or not. She blames you for not giving her enough attention. Problems in life happen. The drama queen will make everything a major event. Even when it is something very minor. The trouble with this is that…
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These Signs Show you They are not Over Their Ex

If you were to ask them if they still love the individual they would admittedly say “no” that they hate that person. The one thing is that love and hate are two very powerful emotions. So if they are expending enough energy to actually hate this person. It takes up to much time in their…
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Are you Receiving the Support you need from your Relationship?

Ask yourself this question. Is the relationship building you up or does it bring you down? The best relationships make you feel secure. You know that you can count on the other person when you need them. Knowing that you have a true relationship is easy to spot. If you feel it is needed to…
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