Being an Empath and Having a Family of Empaths

Being an Empath and Having a Family of Empaths

Being a little kid at the family gathering

At the age of Seven, we used to go and visit my great uncle. The family would gather at his house for an annual visit.

The day would start out like any normal family visit. By the end of the evening, everyone would retire to the dining room.

A very long dining room table was the point of the gathering. Everyone would take their seat.

Most of the family members were aunts and uncles and older cousins on my Moms side of the family. I sat at the table among all my elder relatives.

The conversation would start with memories from the past. Then it would lead into them sharing their experiences of the paranormal.

From visions that they have had. To appearances of spirits. To their use of their intuition and how it helped them on a daily basis.

One by one they would describe their stories in vivid detail.

The open forum of family storytelling

There was a woman that my uncle would talk about that would appear in his bedroom in his childhood home.

The woman who had a blue glow would stand by the bed praying.

Uncle was very young when he first saw her. The woman would appear at random times.

One evening he was not in the house yet and was standing outside. He could see this glow from the upstairs window and knew it was the lady reappearing.

Another person would talk and tell of the occurrences in many of the houses they had lived in as well.

Lights would go on by themselves. Faucets would run on there own, Cabinets would open, and footsteps that could not be explained. Imagine being a young child hearing this.

My Great Uncle would turn to me and say” Don’t be scared.” “This is what has been happening with our family for years.”

Would this happen to me as well? Do I need to see and experience these things too?

The talks among the family would last for hours. After the first family gathering, I knew what to expect.

I never really understood how unique of a situation this was until I became older.

Blessed with a family of Empaths

Most people that grow up empathic do not have such a positive support system.

I have heard a lot of stories of people who find themselves with no one to turn to. When they start to experience things that they themselves can not explain.

Mother and grandmother where also very vocal people in my life. They talked openly about precognition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and astral projection. Just to name a few.

Intuitive gifts were always a positive in our household.

The message to others with these experiences is you are not alone.

This this is a grea awakening for the planet. It is a great time of change. A very exciting one.

Intuition, precognition, and other untapped senses are natural and real. I was fortunate to have early guidance with this.

Are you just starting to recognize your special gifts? Welcome to the gathering.

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