Awesome Guidance to Being an Empath. Turn Drain into Gain

Awesome Guidance to Being an Empath. Turn Drain into Gain

Being an Empath and being introverted go hand and hand. I am sure there are plenty of us that are extroverted but the common theme seems to be the introvert.

Especially with those of us that feel very deeply.

Change can be very difficult

My first experience at being very introverted was when I was in the 3rd grade. We had just moved and I had to change schools. This was the first big life change that I could remember. It was not an easy transition.

I remember that I just wouldn’t get on the bus anymore. I refused to go to class. So in order to help me out, I was assigned to the school counselor. A very warm and caring lady. I would spend time with her in her office away from my classmates. Just to get me familiar with the surroundings of the new school.

I’m sure you have a past memory of when absorbing so much got in the way.

The feeling of overwhelm is a huge obstacle for an empath

This is normal for empaths in general. There is nothing strange or off about what you are going through. So what do you need to help keep you from being drained?

Ready for some good news?

The Energy flow and Universal knowledge flow both ways. You are more in control then you know. It may at times not seem this way but this is very true.

Asking the Universe for help when needed will yield results. Just like keeping yourself in shape you need to develop skills to keep emotions in order. It takes practice. The more you learn the better your skills will develop.

I started off my journey to control the overwhelm with recordings of subliminal. I set time aside at night before I went to bed to listen to the recordings. Like starting an exercise routine it took some time to start seeing how much it was helping. But it did!

Find your own practices that you favor. They will resonate with you when you try them. There are so many wonderful resources nowadays its just amazing.

The power is within you to solve the dilemmas, Healing is not only possible but it is a right.

You deserve happiness, You deserve to live a life of joy.

Dr. Michael R. Smith, along with NY Times bestseller Dr. Judith Orloff, is now helping empaths worldwide to awaken to their gifts and become empowered.  As Dr. Smith teaches, “you cannot change the fact that you are an empath; it is akin to your eye color.  Because you were born with a sensitive nervous system, being an empath is not something to learn. However, you can learn to manage your empathic nature and cope with the energy you perceive from others.”

There is no better time than now to get started with practical and useful ways to arm yourself with great tips and techniques. The Complete Empath Toolkit is an all in one archive of applied wisdom that has been used by empaths getting their footing.

Enjoy and embrace the gift that it is you!