Are you Receiving the Support you need from your Relationship?

Are you Receiving the Support you need from your Relationship?

Ask yourself this question. Is the relationship building you up or does it bring you down?

The best relationships make you feel secure. You know that you can count on the other person when you need them.

Knowing that you have a true relationship is easy to spot. If you feel it is needed to define the relationship then there is a big chance that it’s not the real deal.

Anyone can say the words” I love you.” Actions always speak louder than words. Are you shown that you are loved?

The right person will lift you up. Not bring you down.

What are the signs of real love?

The right person makes time for you. You do not have to beg or remind them constantly that you exist. They make the effort to know who you are as a person.

Traits that you are in a loving relationship

They care for your safety

Conversations are not onesided

Planning for the future with both peoples input

Your opinion is valuable to them

They praise and talk highly of you to their friends and family

Being honest with you is important .

If your current relationship is bringing down

You need to take action and move from the current situation. Small changes are better than no changes at all.

Change something about your current situation that you have control of. It could be not engaging anymore in fighting. Or making time for yourself and pursuing something new.

Relationships can be hard but remember that they are not supposed to be grueling. You do not need to be suffering all the time for the relationship to have meaning.