Are you Dealing with a Drama Queen?

Are you Dealing with a Drama Queen?

She is always needing attention. Has trouble being alone. Everything is always a crisis. Whether it really is or not.

She blames you for not giving her enough attention.

Problems in life happen. The drama queen will make everything a major event. Even when it is something very minor.

The trouble with this is that the relationship hinges on making her happy all the time. Deriveing happiness from making everything into turmoilu

Can you think of someone who you identify with a drama queen?

The draining effect of the drama queen

After finding out that if they lash out or make every problem seem big that people would pay attention.

This attention is what they think is required to be noticed. For those around the drama queen, it is very draining.

Giving in will only make it worse

You may think that if you just give this person more attention they will feel loved and fulfilled. This seldom works and often makes matters worse.

The drama queen has an uncanny ability to use this as your weakness. They will then take advantage of your giving nature as much as they can.

This just causes you more harm in the long run. Leaving you feeling used and hurt.

No one takes the drama queen seriously

After an exhausting time, most people leave the drama queen alone. The exact circumstance that they were trying to avoid.

When you look at everything as a crisis no one can take what you say seriously.

What’s worse is that when there is a real concern or crisis at hand no one can trust what is being said by the drama queen.

How many times has this person cried foul? Only for you to find out that it was something very minor. Or worse something not even real.

Drama queens have no credibility. They are known for stirring the pot that only gives them the opposite effect of what they are trying to provoke.

The lonely life of the drama queen

Now the time has passed and no one will pay attention. Everyone has heard it all. Most people cringe when dealing with a family member who is a drama queen.

Most people get smart and just avoid the drama queen altogether. What’s crazy is the drama queen doesn’t believe their behavior made this happen.

Sometimes the only way to deal with the drama queen is less contact or to just simply walk away from the relationship.

Do not feel guilty about having to walk away. Saving yourself from the games of the drama queen are in your best interest. Consider it a life lesson and just move forward.