5 Tips that will Jumpstart your Pinterest Traffic

5 Tips that will Jumpstart your Pinterest Traffic

So I have been on this Pinterest journey since February 9, 2019.

It has been a great learning experience and it has been my first real success with driving online traffic.

Which really feels like a nice accomplishment.

I was thinking about any tips that I could share that could help people who are also starting their online journey.

Here are a few tips that I came up with.

Writing more content.

Making more content on a weekly basis. I know  Iknow, this one is a hard one at times.

Its not always easy to write lots of content.

But it is like doing exercise. When you first start it will be hard but after a while it will become second nature.

I remember a young woman who became the darling of a multi level marketing company back in the mid two thousands.

She had told this story about the one thing that really made a big difference in her way to the top.

She wrote article after article for a good 9 months and after that time she had almost one thousand articles.

This made it so people started arriving at her Facebook group in droves.

They also started visiting her website. She had made a tsunami of traffic by linking all the articles back to these pages.

If you want extreme traffic, do some extreme writing.

Challenge yourself to write more and more.

Pinterest loves your creative ideas and needs more and more of then.   

Use the Platform in your usual fun way.

If you want to get the attention of Pinterest make sure to use the service as you always would.

Looking up your recipes, or checking out the new outfits for the season. Still have fun on the platform like it was intended.

Still make manual pinning apart of your daily routine.


I do pin manually during the day. I try to pin other peoples content and follow people at that time as well.

Also follow some like minded people each day.

Oh those beautiful color schemes!

Colors matter on Pinterest. There seems to be pins that I have made that get shared based on color scheme.

Mainly blues and pinks seem to be a favorite. Mainly light sky blue or light pink.

Some Pinners like to place pins that match the color schemes on their boards.

Others have 3 or 4 colors that they like to stick with.

Black and White do well for quotes. Whether it is black background with white lettering or vice versa.

Watch those trends and insights

Don’t know any good ideas to write about? Not knowing what is popular and can get you noticed?

This is where doing some research can give you some great insight as to what people are searching for.

Pinterest business has really great posts on where the searches are happening.

Here you can find out what the popular trends are and maybe use those in your pins or writing creation.

Using keyword tools like Buzzsumo to check up on the latest trends can also help you plan your colors based on what is trending.

One day i went in to Buzzsumo and flowers were a really big item.

So this would tell me that if you made some backrounds with flowers that they could do well.

Buzzsumo is a paid service and a bit pricey for the beginner. I did sign up for a 14 day free trail and used it for that time.


Whats the best scheduling tool around?

Using Tailwind has made a huge difference in my pins going viral.

I know that there are many bloggers that sing the praises of Tailwind scheduler. I am no exception.

Being able to join tribes with like minded content creators is amazing.

This makes adding things to your themed boards a lot easier when there is a tribe with content much like your own.

So not get discouraged if there are not a lot of shares in the begging.

It does take time to build the relationships needed but it won’t take long.

Share as much great content from other creators on your boards and you will see with time your shares sky rocket.

Timing in Pinterest world is everything

Make sure that when you Pin you do this in the later evening and on weekends it seems to work all thru the day.

You will want to stick to the evenings on the weekdays.

This is something I did not do at first. I would get up and want to Pin right away.

Once i started to be more mindful of the time of day that I pinned the better my exposure became.

It will take about two weeks to see the sweet spot with a viral pin.

Time is the same for the internet as it is for anything else.

You wouldn’t ask the farmer that just planted the crops the next day if they have a great crop.

Although the internet works faster  there is still the amount of time to let your projects gel.

I am guilty of thinking that the great blog post I just wrote will be picked up in no time.

From experience I have noticed that it takes a good two weeks for the blog post to start to receive solid traffic.

It all takes time to grow.

Just keep writing your killer content.

Combine these tips and you will be well on your way to jumpstarting your Pinterest traffic.

I hope that these tips will leave you with some really great ideas.

Being a Blogger and using Pinterest has been a great experience. I wish you the best of success with your Pins.

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