5 Highly Effective Strategies for Empath Rebalancing

5 Highly Effective Strategies for Empath Rebalancing

So it’s been a long day and you are starting to feel drained. or maybe you woke up in a funk due to a nightmare or bad feeling from a dream. You’re needing something that will rebalance yourself.

Here are five highly effective tools for rebalancing.

Go outside and put your feet on the ground.

Depending on where you live if it is at all possible to put your bare feet onto the soil, lawn, or even concrete will work. Grounding as it is known. Can recharge your entire body using the energy from Mother Earth herself. Try to give yourself 20 just 30 minutes if at all possible.

This will give your body the chance to absorb the much-needed healing energy from the ground. If you happen to live in a Northern climate where the weather decides it’s not going to cooperate. Never fear. There are grounding mats and blankets that are a wise investment. Making it easy for you to stay grounded in all seasons.

Burn some bay leaves

If you happen to have some whole bay leaves in your kitchen cupboard. Or on your spice rack. You’re in luck! Burn some leaves in a bowl and inhale the smoke from the burning leaves.

I was once having a horrible anxiety attack one night. After having a very emotional life experience. I decided to burn a few bay leaves which were all I had. Luckily it took about 10 minutes for me to feel perfectly calm and at ease.

Try taking a cold shower.

This is a very common thing to do when you are feeling upset. Water has the ability to not only cleanse but also rebalance are thinking. The element of water has its way of rebalancing the mind.

If you can stand it running some cold water over your head does pass through the blood-brain barrier. The stimulation of the cold water will jolt you, to begin with, but will make you feel a lot better after it’s all done. Trust me it may not sound fun, to begin with, but it actually works pretty well

Start taking deep breaths

This was always a tough one for me. It always seemed so simple yet I always was in disbelief that it would ever work. Breathing in and out and concentrating on your breathing can center your emotions very quickly.

Give it a try. Sit in a comfortable spot. Take a deep breath and then breathe out. Do this several times and you will notice that you will start to feel a better sense of calm. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to just stop and rebalance your emotions.

Get out into nature if possible

Listening to the wind or the trees rustling. Birds chirping or water running. If at all possible you can go into the outdoors. Make sure and do so. Spend some quiet time there. If that is not something that can be done conveniently then look for audios that can mimic outdoor sounds.

Realigning yourself with nature will help balance your emotions. If you are fortunate enough to take a walk in a park or on a trail then make time for yourself and do so. If this is in the middle of the night and you’re feeling bad then look for some free apps on your phone that can play outdoor sounds.

And always remember

That this too shall pass. I know that people like to say that a lot and when you’re going through anxiety or troubling emotions you just want relief as soon as possible. I hope that I have given some helpful tips that can help rebalance your emotions when things tend to get out of whack.

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Thank you and have a wonderful day.